Video making of advertising

Video making of advertising movie for resorts, hotels, shops, hairdressers and beauty salons and others…

Today almost every business needs from a video advertising. Video advertising is the easiest interactive way to introduce your customers to the product you offer.
With the evolution of Internet and social networks that advertising can you come and practically free, under spread in social networks (Facebook) and video-sharing sites YouTube, vimeo …
Besides free, distribution of video advertising on these channels is quite high Targeting(Watching her just people who are interested in the product you offer).
By adding the fact that video presents much better your product and gives a more realistic picture of it to the customer from standard images, the advantages and unarguably.


Standard package for making video advertising includes:
– Writing Scenario (if you have your ideas can be added to the script)
– Video filming of advertising within 1 shooting day
– Filming of advertising in FullHD format (1920x1080p) for perfect video quality
– Video edit and a reduction in promotional clip of about 5 minutes
– Adding effects, sound, subtitles (if necessary) and contact information


More options:
– Use of Model / Actor at capturing advertising
– Use of drone for aerial capture your object
– Underwater shooting (on shooting pools)
– Video filming in 4K UltraHD format (grade two times higher than FullHD)
– Transport (we can come to any point in Europe for filming the Video advertising)